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About us

Therapeutic players and teachers

Our introduction

The goal of the Foundation ‘Healing Harp’ is to create conditions to promote and implement therapeutic harp playing. To achieve this goal in the broadest aspect of health we aim to facilitate a platform and provide basic and continuing education for therapeutic harp players. This includes an educational program which ultimately leads to a recognized certification as an International Therapeutic Harp Practioner.

From left to right:

Lies Joosten, Margaret Forrest and Liesbeth Schroen form the Board of the Foundation and also collectively guide the course.

The photo was the celebration of the inauguration!

The team further consists of the following teachers, Alix Colin (Modal music and Graduates continuing education), Els Denessen (Master of Arts, Music Therapy), Jolanda Hoogers (Alexander Technique) and Jan Jonker (I.H.T.P. pioneer in The Netherlands).

International Harp Therapy Program Europe:

- Dutch location in Europe for this vocational course founded by   Christina Tourin

- Accredited course by the National Standards Board of   Therapeutic Musicians, US

- Yearly refresher courses, further study courses, seminars and   introduction workshops

- Internship in care facilities during the course

- Qualified mentors

- Global community of therapeutic harpists

- Education leading to work in all forms of care with the harp

- Education for personal growth