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Workshops and full program IHTP

Christina Tourin is the founder of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP).

After completing two Conservatorium and a Music Therapy Degree, Christina channeled her wealth of knowledge and many years work experience into this program. For the last thirty years she has travelled extensively teaching, training and inspiring people with her program. Through the decades her moto has been, ‘A therapeutic harpist in every hospital and hospice by 2020”. Now that Christina has long reached retirement her work will continue by qualified teams on four different continents, ie. United States (two locations), Hong Kong, Australia and The Netherlands.

Cradle of Sound

Harp Therapy Manual

This nearly six-hundred-page book reflects the thoughts, knowledge and experience of Christina Tourin. According to many a masterwork of both author and inspirator.

Lesgroep 2015 De Vlindertuin Heythuysen

International Harp Therapy Program Europe

Since 2015 this educational program has been taught by qualified teachers in The Netherlands. Before this time Christina Tourin was on numerous occasions in The Netherlands to train people.

For more details concerning the program, refresher courses, further study courses, seminars, introduction workshops and agenda see the following link: http://www.harptherapycampus.eu/index.php/en

Therapeutic Harp With Animals

By Vimukti Warr - CTHP Australia

The fundamentals of working with animals is not too dissimilar to working with humans, the intent, compassion, observation and willingness to play what is best for them in that moment is similar. How we go about implementing this varies for whoever we play for. However, there are some quite obvious and some not so obvious differences in our considerations when working with animals.

Join Vimukti as she shares with you her stories and insights from working with animals as an animal lover and therapeutic harpist. Allow the words, pictures and videos to draw you into the stories of working with rescued farmed animals and wildlife. You will be guided through an interactive experience of playing in one of the stories. Please have your harp tuned to play in the key of C.

Working mindfully with animals.

With this link you can buy a ticket (15 euro’s) to enter the webinar.

Date: February 2nd 2023 , 7.30 pm
Live on Zoom.